REWA Initiates to Aware Children on Reckless Driving

We need to teach our children on not riding bikes before 18 years and it's effects. We need to teach them how to navigate social media and make the right move that will help them. The physical world is different from the virtual world. Being aware we can prevent many debacles. REWA initiates to aware children on reckless driving and mobile addiction which are a curse to the society. Thanks to town police,Mr.Nitish Goswami ji for his presence

REWA Foundation Day

24th September, REWA Foundation Day, celebrating the essence of womanhood by treating underprivileged ladies by Dr. Priya Singhania.Celebration adds with the initiation of regular free dental check-up by Dr. Shrabani Mallick

REWA rallies for cleanliness

REWA rallies for cleanliness with the students of AG CHURCH SCHOOL. Thus, inculcating and trying to aware the students with the thought "cleanliness is next to godliness" . Thanks to the OC PURULIA for their support


Round 2 of free medical check up fr the underprivileged ladies.Women Empowerment#PMO#PM INDIA#late posting#done on 27 aug...Thank you Dr. Priya Singhania


REWA celebrates 71st INDEPENDENCE DAY with it's ongoing projects for EDUCATION, HEATH, CLEANLINESS N SAFETY ON ROADS. Thus, REWA deworms the students in it's school. With the students and the ladies on work REWA awares the localities with a rally fr CLEAN N GREEN PURULIA. The event was enhanced with the pasting of radium stickers on bicycles for the SAFETY ON ROADS. Thanks to the PURULIA MUNICIPALITY CHAIRMAN SHRI SHAMIM DAD KHAN ji for his encouragement and enhance the morale​of the members..JAI HIND

Clean Purulia, Green Purulia

REWA PURULIA in association with PURULIA MUNICIPALITY celebrates WORLD ENVIRONMENT DAY 2017 with the awareness rally of CLEAN PURULIA GREEN PURULIA along with various other clubs and organisations. Thanks to Mr.Baidyanath Mandalji, Mr.krishnendu Mahaliji n Mr. Pradeep Dagaji & OC PURULIA.
Heartfelt thanks to the members of Marwadi Panchayat, Lions club, Purulia club, Rotary club, Innerwheel club, Maheshwari mandal, Maheshwari mahila samiti, Manas mandal, Narayani mahila samiti and Art of Living organization for joining us taking a step forward & participating in the rally

Quenching Thirst, REWA Installs Water Pots

Quenching thirst in a natural n healthier way. REWA installs water pots at Ranchi Road for the purpose. Moreover, empowering women to serve the water, a paradigm shift in the conditioned mindset of our society.

Push cart Project

REWA's selfless attempt to RAISE EMPOWER the UNDERPRIVILEGED through launching its first push cart. It's been a month and the push cart holders earning pretty well. REWA looking forward to more such projects with everyone's support

Road Safety

Carelessness on road doesn't bounce, it shatters. REWA creates an awareness on road by pasting radium stickers on all the ongoing bicycles towards the highway. Thanks to the OC purulia for their support.

NGO Launch with Gift distribution ceremony for disabled women

The launch ceremony of NGO REWA (Raise Empower Women Around) turned out to be a unique event, unlike the usual ribbon-cutting ceremony, with the NGO's director Abhishek Saran distributing gifts to the residents of Swadhara, which included around 40 to 45 differently-abled recipients.
This act captured the very essence of NGO REWA, which is committed to reach out to socially and economically marginalized women, irrespective of age, caste, class or race, and facilitate their overall development.

Health & Hygiene Camp

On this Friendship Day, under the supervision of Dr. PRIYA SINGHANIA, the circles of women in REWA weave invisible nets of love n care with the under privileged ladies to stand up n speak up for their health to shine a light in the world. REWA is mentoring the women with HEALTH & HYGIENE to build great opportunities where the sky is truly the limit. Training the ladies with personal n hygiene, REWA teaching them from pregnancy to post delivery care, herbal treatment with the leaves easily accessible and never to forget our heritage "dadi ma ke nuske".they were offered sanitary pads, multi vitamin tablets, iron calcium tab, energy tonics...the program ended offering them idlis n bananas.

Swach Bharat Abhiyan

Volunteers from REWA cleaned the government school campus near puttanhalli. The cleanliness drive was in support of the Prime Minister’s ‘Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan’

Arpan project

In the frosty January, 2016 REWA, at Kudlum, Purulia kick started its new project "Arpan" which benefitted 200 plus people by distributing almost 500 CLOTHES, 400 packets of MURI, 400 of CHOP & 400 of GOZA among them. REWA also distributed Bengali bangles to married ladies. REWA embarked it’s another year with a noble accomplishment of helping the needy.

Environment Day

On the occasion of World Environment Day (5th June), REWA Purulia planted more than 200 plants with their students & members.


Black colour is sentimentally bad but every BLACKBOARD makes the STUDENTS life BRIGHT... REWA's attempt to spread knowledge with free education to underprivileged children.

Cookery Classes

Cookery Classes Conducted by REWA members. They tought mouth watering Fusion Sweets, Healthy Diet food , Tiffin & Continental Snacks.

Kalam's Day

On the occasion of Bharat Ratan Late Dr. Abdul Kalam’s Birth Day (15th October), Raise Empower Women Around (REWA) organised an event for the unprivileged kids of Purulia, West Bengal. On the occasion REWA intended to help more than 60 children by providing food, hygiene, new clothes, Sleepers, school bags, Chocolates, Crackers and stationery items. The chief guest of the event was IPS Avadesh Pathak.

Women's Day

Cherishing the reminiscence of their roles as a daughter, a wife, a mother, a homemaker and most important, as a woman- on International women’s day, REWA helped those women relive the moments of their life who never even thought that they are special enough to be revered. From Mrs Renu Jhunjhunawala addressing the thirty women of Purulia village, to the quiz contest and the winner announcement, and from gifting sarees to the scrumptious snacks, the small and soulful event had everything that made all the women present in the program feel very special. The initiative was to help all these extraordinary women realize their worth, their importance and their roles in the making of this country and its future.