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About REWA

REWA, a non-governmental organization (NGO) is registered in Bangalore and was founded in Aug 2014 with the aim to work with grassroots initiatives and change the fate of helpless and destitute women. Addressing issues like women rights, women safety, education and health, REWA is a resource center dealing with women’s needs and providing them professional counselling, medical care, micro savings facilities and other services. REWA is also committed to environment protection and conservation.

A non profit organization, REWA firmly believes that empowering women is the best way to help societies to develop. A woman epitomizes love, care, kindness, compassion, and empathy and when these positive attributes merge with empowerment, a society is bound to flourish and recover from the taints of inequality, injustice and other evils of society.

Our Mission

Bring One Lakh marginalized women from across the country into the REWA network by 2025.

Our Vision

To create an ecosystem for women welfare and empowerment by bringing together a network of experts providing healthcare, skill development and financial support in a sustainable fashion.

Director's Message

We do a lot to improve life of communities in need!

Today, Indian women have carved a niche for themselves in practically every field, be it education, sports, defense, law, policy formulation, science and technology. Every working domain today is a proof of women’s versatility. However, the picture is not positive everywhere and there is still a large segment of women who are struggling to realize their identity and strengths in this male dominant society. Despite so many advancements in the last decades, gender inequality in India remains one of the greatest banes of our current so-called modern society. It is imperative to weed out this major barrier to development because a society can only prosper when its women prosper.

The sole purpose of NGO REWA is to facilitate empowerment of disadvantaged and deprived women and give wings to their dormant and suppressed aspirations. We at REWA believe that empowering a woman empowers the whole family and hence it is the best way for bringing radical changes in the society and to ensure development of the country.

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REWA Director - Abhishek Saran

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Shikha Mohan

Shikha Mohan is an educator and a contributor to the preschoolers for more than 15 years. She has two centers located at Bannerghatta Road and JP Nagar in Bangalore.

Her first and last love has always been the young minds. Having done her education in MSC(IT), she preferred to have a school where the basic requirements of the children are served with love, hence her school's motto is Love Has No Substitute. She is dedicated to instill Love for Learning and discovery through fun. Her passion for kids and her initiatives provide children a strong foundation and a confident personality.

Vikas Jain is a serial entrepreneur who hails from Maharashtra and has been successfully heading various business ventures in Bangalore for past fifteen years.

Apart from his diverse skills as a businessman, Vikas also has a philanthropic side and is connected with REWA to help in empowering women. With a heart of gold, Vikas is known for his great networking skills and he work as a fund-raiser for REWA. With a motive to help and support the underprivileged women and empower them, Vikas is an integral part of REWA and continues to promote and market the products made by the women artisans at REWA.

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Vikas Jain