About US

REWA, a non-governmental organization (NGO) registered under the Society Act in Bangalore, was founded in August 2014 with a heartfelt mission—to uplift underprivileged women and children. By addressing critical issues like empowerment, education, and health, REWA extends its commitment to environmental protection and conservation. As a non-profit organization, REWA staunchly believes that empowering women serves as the cornerstone for societal development.

A woman embodies qualities of love, care, kindness, compassion, and empathy. When these positive attributes are coupled with empowerment, a society is poised to flourish and rise above the stains of inequality, injustice, and other societal evils. REWA passionately holds the conviction that by empowering women, they can become catalysts for positive change, fostering the recovery of communities.

The organization places a special emphasis on the early education of children, recognizing it as the linchpin for the development of cities, states, and the nation at large. The core objective of REWA is to empower both women and children, recognizing their pivotal role in shaping a brighter future. Through its multifaceted approach, REWA endeavors to create a harmonious society where empowerment and education serve as the bedrock for progress and well-being

Founder's Message

We do a lot to improve life of communities in need!

Recognizing the pivotal role of early education for success, we launched the UJJWAL program, currently benefiting over 50 students. We acknowledge the crucial role women play in uplifting their families.

While Indian women have excelled in various fields, gender inequality persists as a significant challenge in our supposedly modern society. At REWA, we believe that empowering women has a cascading effect, positively impacting entire families and, consequently, fostering societal development. It is our conviction that a society thrives when its women thrive.

Vision & Aim

  • Vision

    Our mission is to establish a holistic ecosystem for the welfare and empowerment of women and children. We aim to create a network of experts offering education, healthcare, skill development, and financial support in a sustainable manner.

  • Aim

    Our goal is to integrate one lakh marginalized children and women from across the country into the REWA network by 2025.

Core Team